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We're so excited. Oh my god. Make all our dreams come true. Apply Now


Caveat Emptor. [Latin, Let the buyer beware.] A warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she is buying are “as is,” or subject to all defects.

Are you incredibly passionate about being the best player in BDO? Do you get furious when someone PVPs you? Have you spent the last month watching streams while grinding fancy special belt for +1 statistics? Do you find it necessary to impress your fellow guildmates with how much more you know and how they are nubstains? Do you want to be part of the NUMBER ONE GUILD ON THE SERVER?

Then you should go apply to Nihilum or Rain, or one of the proven talented guilds with really fancy people doing fancy stuff.

Caveat Emptor is none of those things. We are a new trading, life-skill, having fun while hanging out and maybe we’ll do a thing later with the swarm guild. PVP is cool. Life skills are cool. Doing what you want in video games is cool. Having no responsibilities is cool. Being a massive trade network is cool. Having lots of workers and playing node empire is cool. We do all that stuff or none of that stuff.

We let the fight for the number one tough guy guild be done by other people with “goals” and “dedication”. We like money. We like talking. We like selling things. We like building stuff. We enjoy personal space and free time. We like wagons. I have a boat. Come on my boat.


  • Trading?
  • Crafting?
  • Fishing?
  • Gathering?
  • Producing?
  • Drinking?
  • Leveling?
  • Being a Pretty Princess?
  • Not leveling?
  • Playing video games for fun?
  • Building Cannons?
  • Leveling more?
  • Grinding more?
  • Socializing?
  • Collecting titles?
  • Talking to black spirits?
  • Not caring really?
  • Even more grinding?
  • Having a significant other?
  • Paying bills?
  • Venturing outside?

Then you may be a perfect fit for Caveat Emptor! We are a new guild that will focus primarily on having fun playing a video game and that is the extent to which I’ve thought about it.

If you’re into [BDO Feature] and would like to [BDO Feature] with other people. Then feel free to join. Guild is aimed at mature audiences. Guild missions are not required. I don’t care if you do them or not. I might do them. I might not do them. If you want stats or something, then do it. I think you get a free mining stones or a +1 fishing mask or something I’m not sure ill google it.


Play on Croxus. I’m sorry to be a stickler here but it’s literally not technically possible for me to let you in if you’re not on Croxus.
Be on a channel. There is no specific channel. If we need to meetup we can coordinate a channel to be on. But if you’re going to play we demand you be on a channel.
Be able to speak a language. I speak English. If you can muddle out a few words, then you’re good in my book and I’ll setup a channel in Discord for whatever moon language you speak if there’s more than one of you. I’m totally cool with you guys speaking Dutch or something.
We have no code of conduct other than don’t be annoying. And if you start a fight with some huge guild we’ll probably feed you to them, laugh and then leave you there.

I’m starting this guild with the intention of putting together some laid back people for fun and potentially relaxing our way into something organized and cool later. The more people the better. I’m thinking hainvg a swarm which will dominate by sheer number of people ramming themselves into walls would be cool. If that kind of thing fits your swing, then message me in-game or fill out an application on our website, which is literally just put your family name in a forum post and I’ll invite you.

All ages welcome but if you’re old like me then feel free to join other old people and maybe some young people wait what was I typing again anyway costumes.